Q – I am NOT a citizen of the EU, can i register my boat under the Dutch Flag?
A – Yes. We will create a English LTD for you, transfer your Yacht into your LTD and we will arrange the Dutch Registration for you. In this way you do NOT need a shared owner from the EU which has to be 50% owner of your boat to make the Registration in Holland possible! The only thing you need is a Domicile in The Netherlands which will be the address of Dutch Boat Registration Services!

Q – Will the English LTD be 100% my property?
A – Yes. You wil have 100% of the company shares and also you will be the only Director of this LTD!

Q – Does this LTD needs a administration company to do the tax declarations?
A – No.

Q – Can a Dutch boat Registration been put on a Yacht which has still not finished building it?
A – Yes, as long there is a engine installed and the hull has a HIN code or Buildnumber you can register the boat in Holland. This engine also can be a electrical engine.

Q – Can a self build ship have the Dutch Flag?
A – Yes. Just send us the insurance policy of your ship and a copy of your ID and we arrange this for you.

Q – Why is having a Dutch Flag on my Yacht important?
A – The Dutch Flag Registration is the most respected and well known boat Registration in the world and the best EU boat Registration! Carrying the Dutch Flag will avoid a lot of problems in International harbours and with authorities all over the world. The Registration fees which Dutch Boat Registration Services is offering you have also much lower costs than having a yacht Registration in most other country’s with much less respected Flags.

Q – Can the boat Registration documents help me to get my Yacht back when it will be stolen?
A – Yes. Because your Yacht is officially registered at the Dutch Ministry of Transport and, in case of the Worldwide Registration also in the Dutch Cadastre, you have a much higher chance that your boat will be identified by the Police. In the case of the Worldwide Registration also microdots can be applied on your ship.

Q – What are microdots?
A – Microdots is a Worldwide unique way to identify your Yacht. Invisible for criminals. Ask your boat insurance company for a discount when you use microdots!

Q – Can the Dutch boat Registration help me to keep my Yacht out of sight of some authorities or other parties?
A – Yes. The ownership of the Yacht can be, sometimes temporarely or permanent, carried over to another person or company. We will register the Yacht on the new owners or companies name. Also, when you register your boat on your own name in The Netherlands your local authorities don’t see the ship in any of their local databases.

Q – Why does Dutch Boat Registration Services has much lower costs than any other boat Registrations?
A – Because we do really a lot of boat Registrations a year so we can keep our cost low and our efficiency high.

Q – Does the EU Light boat Registration also include Registration at the Cadastre?
A – No. For the Light EU Registration no Cadastre is needed. In this case we only register it at the Dutch Ministry of Transport. The Worldwide Registration does include yacht Registration in the Dutch Cadastre.

Q – Can my boat be moored in any country in the EU when it has the EU Light  Registration
A – Yes. The EU Light registration is recognized in any country of the EU.

Q – Can the Worldwide Registration be used worldwide?
A – Yes. The Worldwide Registration is your Yachts passport which is recognized by all countries in the world. It also includes a International tonnage certificate.

Q – What is the VAT rate in Holland?
A – 21%

Q – When i apply for a Dutch Flag Registration. Does the certificate show a Dutch homeport?
A – Yes.
Your homeport will be Amsterdam.