Boat Registration of the Polish ensign

There are many reasons to register your sailing or motor boat under the Polish flag. Below, we summarise the most important reasons for you:

Low costs

Yacht registration in Poland is not expensive. For a low fee you can have your sailing or motor boat registered in Poland.

Fast registration procedure

When you apply for a Polish Registration via our fast online registration process, the period from applying till the actual boat registration takes around 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, you will receive a temporary registration certificate within two working days. With this temporary proof you can get out on the water almost immediately.

No need for inspection

If you have your sailing or motor boat registered with us under the Polish Registration, no survey or inspection of your ship will be required (max. length 24m).

No unnecessary bureaucracy

Worldwide, Poland is known for being one of the countries with the lowest levels of bureaucracy. In practice, this means for you that your boat registration application will be smoothly handled without any complicating regulations.

Marine-telephone and AIS & MMSI radio license in no time

If you want us to do so, we will arrange the AIS & MMSI Ship Station License for you within 24 hours.